Celebrating Prince’s 63rd birthday.

To celebrate what would have been Prince’s 63rd birthday, we present ‘Colors of Royalty’, an exploratory set of deep dives into 3 of his most prolific eras, assembled as playlists available on Spotify, and unique mixes exclusively on Mixcloud. The set is divided into 3 parts, featuring the “Purple Rain” era from 1983 to 1984, the “Sign O’ The Times” era form 1986 to 1987, and the “The Gold Experience” era from 1993 to 1995. Each part is carefully curated and contains tracks from the original album, alongside single mixes, outtakes, era-related tracks, demos, and more, exploring Prince’s creativity and output in each of the presented eras. The exclusive mixes have been especially produced by ALH Music to provide a unique and cohesive listening experience through each era.

Click here and explore the “Purple Rain”, “Sign O’ The Times”, and “The Gold Experience” eras with our ‘Colors of Royalty’ trilogy, and listen to the playlists on Spotify or the exclusive mixes on Mixcloud now.

Additionally, newly updated and carefully overworked versions of ‘The Ultimate Rave: A Purple Party Mix’ and ‘The Vault Experience: Discovering Prince’ from last year’s digital celebration ‘Eternally Purple: A Celebration of Prince’ are now available for streaming on Mixcloud and replace their older versions.