Previously unreleased ‘Another Night Alone’ arriving on October 21.

The live album ‘Another Night Alone’, originally intended as Aaron Levin Harder’s debut release back in 2017, is finally arriving on digital platforms on the 3rd anniversary of its recording. Previously planned for release as a CD/DVD box-set, the album will now be available for streaming and digital download, and is going to be accompanied by a short concert film that was originally planned for release on DVD, but which was eventually never produced. With the recovery and final end-production of the entirely unreleased catalogue of Aaron Levin Harder for an archival release, the short concert-film finally came into post production and was completed to accompany the release of the album like it was originally intended. ‘Another Night Alone’ will arrive on October 21, for streaming on Soundcloud and YouTube, and for digital download as an extended edition on our official website. The concert film will follow shortly after on October 24.