New releases arriving this December.

2 new releases will arrive this December as part of “The Aaron Levin Harder Legacy” for streaming. Each release features rare previously unauthorized audience recordings of unique concert shows from December 2017, performances of which no material was available of, until these audience recordings have been recovered and overworked for an eventual official release.

The upcoming EP ‘One Man Jam’ features selected recordings from the concert show of the same name from December 15, where Harder performed a mostly improvised set including songs from his planned 2017 EP ‘Blues Done Let Me Dyin’, which the concert was originally supposed to promote. This show featured several songs that been performed live by Harder for the first time, and also few one-off performances, which makes the recorvery and release of this material immensely valuable.

‘The Rock’ features the entire first set from “The 2017 Concert” which was performed by Aaron Levin Harder on December 29, alongside former Berlin based Jazz ensemble Club Jazz Debakel which performed the second part of the show. The raw rock sound that Harder played in was unique to this concert, although he had a similar approach to his last live show in October 2018. His altered versions of songs he performed frequently, and the one-off performance of an improvised song backed by drums and bass, make this concert one of the most pivotal shows ever performed by Harder, one which can now be finally revisited for the first time.

Both releases feature audience recordings which have been overworked for release, while retaining their authenticity and characteristics of unauthorized bootleg recordings. You can now listen to both singles from the upcoming releases, available for streaming on Soundcloud here.