Purple Eternity is now on Twitter – New single ‘New Years Blues’ from Aaron Levin Harder released.

For the new year, Purple Eternity Records is now also online on Twitter, expanding our presence on social media and taking the next step ahead. We are also reviewing to extend our distribution to additional streaming platforms, for both audio and video material. Additionally, the production, release and sale of physical formats is planned, which is going to be available in extremely limited quantity at first, and also on-site only at one single store.

The new single ‘New Years Blues’ has been released as part of “The Aaron Levin Harder Legacy”, and is now available for streaming. The track has been recorded from the last minute of the year 2016 into the new year 2017, and was entirely improvised for this ad-hoc recording. It was intended to be released as a stand-alone single in 2017, but eventually remained unreleased until now, being recovered and re-worked for its eventual release on the 3rd anniversary of its recording.

Listen to ‘New Years Blues’ now, and stream here.

We wish everyone a happy new year!