Deluxe Edition of ‘Down On The River’ now available on digital Bandcamp store.

After one year, ALH’s debut release ‘Down On The River’ is receiving now a more elaborated reissue in an exclusive Deluxe Edition format which comprises 5 bonus tracks, complete artwork, a digital booklet, a reworked music video of the live performance from “Down On The River” and the original handwritten lyric sheets from all three songs. All tracks are presented in remastered condition, with the live tracks from ALH’s first concert from April 21, 2019 being available for the very first time in possessable audio-only format. This digital Deluxe Edition is only exclusively available through our digital Bandcamp store, and won’t be available anywhere else.

Click here to go to our digital store on Bandcamp and buy this exclusive release now, and experience the pivotal first release by ALH in a entirely new way.