Celebrating 5-year anniversary of “Another Night Alone” concert show.

For the 5th anniversary of Aaron Levin Harder‘s “Another Night Alone” live show, Purple Eternity Records is proud to present an elaborate Deluxe Edition reissue of the Another Night Alone album, which combines the album with the related concert film for the very first time.

The complete 9-track album, which was exclusively remastered for this anniversary edition, is augmented with studio demos from November 2016 of the songs that have been performed at the live show, which have been exclusively remastered by Aldtie Mann who also originally mastered the ‘Another Night Alone’ album. This Deluxe Edition additionally includes the previously unreleased director’s cut of the concert film that also features the 2021 audio remaster, and the official music video of “The Blues” as a bonus clip.

The set is accompanied with either a 36-page booklet for the physical 2CD/1DVD edition, or a 30-page digital booklet for the digital download version, with both containing liner-notes which explore the background and aftermath of the “Another Night Alone” live show, alongside photography from the concert show.

Experienced as a complete package, this Deluxe Edition provides an immersive view of Harder’s most pivotal and crucial live performance, which can be seen as the starting point and centerpiece of his creative output during his time as a blues musician.

In celebration of Aaron Levin Harder‘s 25th birthday on October 22, the exclusive 2CD/1DVD edition of this Deluxe set is strictly limited to only 25 handnumbered copies, and is exclusively available at the bar “WATT” (Metzer Str. 9, 10405 Berlin), the venue where Harder performed his “Another Night Alone” concert show.

The download of the digital version is exclusively available here through our official website for 25 days only, and includes the audio in lossless FLAC format and video in 1080p full HD. All files are compressed in a ZIP archive and feature complete artwork that replicates the 2CD/1DVD set.

Claim your exclusive digital copy now here.