Reissue of Michael Lapuks’ ‘Guadalajara’ now available.

In December 2018, Michael Lapuks released his first solo album ‘Guadalajara’ exclusively on Bandcamp and on CD, and 3 years after its initial release, the album finally sees its first wider release on major streaming platforms through a reissue campaign by Purple Eternity Records. Inspired by his time in the city of Guadalajara as part of his freelance work for the German Institute of Foreign Cultural Relations and a handmade guitar he bought there, Lapuks crafted a collection of sonic paintings that he recorded within 7 months from June to December 2017. Though moving on to continue to work on new projects the following year, the experience and music of ‘Guadalajara’ stuck with him, which resulted in the recording of two entirely new tracks that turned out to be very similar to the material on ‘Guadalajara’, with both tracks having been recorded just one month before the album was released. While the album is now available across major streaming platforms for the first time, a new and exclusive deluxe edition is available on Bandcamp only, which features the 2 previously unreleased tracks that have been recorded before the album’s initial release. Additionally, the Bandcamp-exclusive deluxe edition includes a 12-page digital booklet with Lapuks’ photography from his time in Guadalajara, and complete artwork with front and back cover.

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