About Us

Our background

Based in Berlin, and founded in April 2016 shortly after Prince’s passing and in his honor, Purple Eternity Records first served as an organizer for concert shows of Aaron Levin Harder and small tribute events that paid homage to Prince. Although the release of audio material by Aaron Levin Harder in both digital and physical formats was always planned during his active time, no official release ever materialized, with only few promotional copies being issued in strictly limited quantities. After his accumulated output has been eventually shelved, Harder subsequently dissolved the label in 2018.

In April 2019, Harder (now as “ALH”) re-launched Purple Eternity Records after a revitalizing stay in Chile, and eventually started to release all of his former and unreleased output as part of “The Aaron Levin Harder Legacy”, a release-series which includes all of his abandoned projects that have been originally intended for release, as well as demo recordings, live performances, and other rare material that had been recovered from his private archive and audience recordings.

Next to an expanding catalogue of archival releases, ALH also started to release entirely new music through his newly launched sub-label ALH Music, with all releases being distributed and marketed by Purple Eternity Records. It also operates as a production company for other label related artists, through which ALH himself provides executive production and editing services. In late-2020, Big Shit Posse, a new Jazz ensemble led by Berlin composer and drummer Aldtie Mann, started to collaborate with ALH and eventually released their first two albums on Purple Eternity Records in 2021, both having been executively produced and edited by ALH Music.

The year 2020 saw a major expansion of the distribution to streaming platforms, adding Audiomack as another platform for free streaming next to Soundcloud and YouTube, as well as distributing releases to major streaming platforms like Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, and Amazon. The label also expanded it’s video streaming network, now offering free streaming of it’s visual content on Dailymotion and Vimeo next to to it’s YouTube channel. Another crucial addition has been the digital store on Bandcamp, which offers either entirely exclusive digital releases, or items which feature exclusive bonus content next to the standard editions on other digital platforms. In the same year, an on-demand vinyl production and distribution service has been made available for artists via Diggers Factory, which is to-date the only solution for international physical releases, while CD’s remain in small in-house production with peer-to-peer distribution.

Our vision

With the foundation of the label being inspired by legendary artist Prince who fought for artistical freedom and self-determination, we want to provide the most artist-friendly environment possible, helping musicians to release their music the way they want it to be heard. Our goal is to ensure that artists have complete control over their music, and to provide a platform where creativity can flow without any limits. We want to grow together with our artists side by side, and envision ourselves as the next step for independent artists to get their music out to the public in the most straight forward way possible. Creativity is what drives us, while we see the challenges that the industry holds as opportunities to cultivate and strengthen a growing network of artists and affiliates.

Our platforms

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