Explore the roots and influences of our artists, unique mixes, special collections, and more, with our curated playlists available on selected streaming platforms.

Single Collections

Our ‘Single Collections’ playlists feature all singles from each of our artists in chronological order, omitting virtual B-sides.

Live Selections

The ‘Live Selections’ series collects the most pivotal live recordings from our artists in one playlist, with each artist having his own dedicated collection.

The Roots of…

‘The Roots of…’ collections explore the origins and influences of our artists, with a selection of pivotal tracks and key artists that inspired their music and artistry.

Aaron Levin Harder: The Originals

This series of playlists spotlights the original versions of covers from selected releases by Aaron Levin Harder, exploring a wide range of his influences and inspirations.

Eternally Purple: A Celebration of Prince

‘Eternally Purple: A Celebration of Prince’ is a set of playlists and mixes that arrived on Prince‘s 62nd birthday as a digital celebration event. The extensive collection is divided into 7 parts which attempt to explore all facets of Prince‘s artistry, illuminating his vast body of work in its entirety rather than focusing only on commercial successes.

Colors of Royalty

‘Colors of Royalty’ is an exploratory trilogy that was released in celebration of Prince‘s 63rd birthday, exploring 3 of Prince‘s most prolific eras. Each playlists explores one era with tracks from the corresponding original album, single mixes, outtakes, demos, and era-related tracks. Featured are the “Purple Rain” era from 1983 to 1984, the “Sign O’ The Times” era from 1986 to 1987, and the “The Gold Experience” era from 1993 to 1995.


These playlists do not belong to any special series or dedicated category, and are therefore all collected here.