Big Sun Authority

Purple Eternity Records, 2021

Single by Big Shit Posse / Released January 17, 2021

In the summer of 2019, after disbanding his previous jazz ensemble to open a new chapter in his artistic work, Aldtie Mann put together a new dynamic group after his intention: Big Shit Posse. The reason, as always, is that something had changed. One could not just go on like this. There was a whole new set of ideas and sketches. The band started to perform their first live shows in the summer of 2019 in bars and clubs across Berlin, performing the newest compositions by Aldtie Mann, which have been refined and revised from show to show. With the use of electronics, implemented sometime in 2020, and special compositions that take place in front of extended loops, Aldtie Mann refined and sharpened the band’s profile and achieved its original sound. One of the most crucial live performances took place on October 29, 2020, where Big Shit Posse performed in its final, revamped lineup, playing the most advanced versions of Mann‘s latest compositions and a reinterpretation of a piece from his former project Club Jazz Debakel, unleashing the band’s massive sonic spectrum and its full dynamic energy.

‘Big Sun Authority’ is the debut release by Big Shit Posse and the first single from their debut album The Big Sun Authority, featuring the virtual B-Side “Unterdruck” and previewing both tracks that have been taken from the album in a special “Single Edit”.


1. Big Sun Authority (Live In Berlin – October 29, 2020) [Single Edit]
03:43 | composed by Aldtie Mann

2. Unterdruck (Live In Berlin – October 29, 2020) [Single Edit]
02:00 | composed by Aldtie Mann

Reeds performed by Paul Engelmann
E-Piano performed by Peer Neumann
Guitar performed by Gerry Franke
Bass performed by Ritchie Müller
Drums performed by Aldtie Mann
Recorded and produced by Aldtie Mann
Edited and executively produced by ALH Music for Purple Eternity Records

℗&© 2021 Purple Eternity Records. All rights reserved.