One Man Jam

Purple Eternity Records, 2019

EP by Aaron Levin Harder / Released December 15, 2019

On December 15, 2017, Aaron Levin Harder performed his concert show One Man Jam, in another bar close to his home in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. The show was the follow up to Rainmaker from October the same year, and presented songs that Harder never performed live before. Heavily medley and improvisation oriented, Harder took a different approach to the concert than to his previous shows, and played an intimate concert which showcased his newest songs from that time. Though the show was not attended by as many people as his previous concert, “One Man Jam” proved to be another pivotal show for Harder, experimenting with a freer and more ad-hoc-like approach. The recordings from this release were recovered from an unauthorized audience recording, which is the only available source of any material from the show, as any type of recording was forbidden during the concert. Now, the recovered and edited material is released as part of The Aaron Levin Harder Legacy, to give the opportunity to revisit one of his rarest performances. This EP includes the most pivotal recordings from songs that haven’t been ever performed again, or that haven’t ever been recorded again, and also few songs that have been recorded and performed multiple times to show the evolution of their performance by Harder. The selected material was extensively edited to be presented properly on the release, but at the same time the sound only retouched carefully to retain the authenticity of an unauthorized bootleg recording.⁣

‘One Man Jam’ is the second EP by Aaron Levin Harder, which is comprised of selected audience recordings from Harder’s concert show of the same name performed on December 15, 2017. The show was intended to be an improvised ad-hoc performance with Harder loosely jamming around his own songs and a few of his regularly played covers, to promote both upcoming releases of Another Night Alone and Blues Done Let Me Dyin which were to arrive in early-2018 at that time, before both were eventually left unreleased. For that reason, the artwork and typeface from the latter release has been used for the concert promotion, and now for the EP. The low guest-attendance made the concert one of Harder’s rarest live performances which has been witnessed by only a few, making these previously unauthorized recordings immensely valuable.⁣


1. All Your Love / Mannish Boy (Live In Berlin – December 15, 2017)
02:29 | written and composed by R.L. Burnside

2. Kiss (Live In Berlin – December 15, 2017) [Edit]
00:57 | written and composed by Muddy Waters, Mel London, Bo Diddley

3. Poor Black Mattie (Live In Berlin – December 15, 2017) [Edit]
01:31 | written and composed by Prince

4. Rainmaker (Live In Berlin – December 15, 2017)
03:36 | written and composed by Aaron Levin Harder

5. Done Dyin (Live In Berlin – December 15, 2017) [Edit]
02:36 | written and composed by Aaron Levin Harder

6. Money Don’t Matter Tonight (Live In Berlin – December 15, 2017) [Edit]
02:14 | written and composed by Aaron Levin Harder

7. Death Letter Blues (Live In Berlin – December 15, 2017)
02:03 | arranged by Aaron Levin Harder, Aldtie Mann

Guitar and vocals performed by Aaron Levin Harder
Audio recording by audience
Produced by ALH Music for Purple Eternity Records

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