Prince Day Celebration

For the special occasion of today’s Prince Day, the 62nd anniversary of The Artist’s birth, we are pleased to present our newest releases that arrived today.

Inspired by and derived from our “Prince: 60th Anniversary Celebration” event that was held today two years ago, we are presenting “Eternally Purple: A Celebration of Prince”, a new digitial edition of our 2018-celebration. The digital experience includes 7 parts that are each illuminating one facet of Prince’s music, including a music video chronology spanning his entire career, as well as a compilation of live performance, a DJ set of rare remixes, a collection of soulful tracks, and a selection of songs by other artists that are written and composed by Prince himself. The celebration is available on selected digital platforms for unlimited streaming, and is dedicated in loving memory to His Royal Purpleness.

Click here and explore now the mindblowing genius that was Prince Rogers Nelson, and celebrate his birthday and enduring legacy with us on what would’ve been his 62nd birthday.

A sampler single of Aaron Levin Harder’s live performance from June 7, 2018 which was part of our “Prince: 60th Anniversary Celebration” event is now available for unlimited streaming and digital download, accompanied by a music video of the first track from the single featuring live footage from the performance. The Sampler includes previously unreleased Prince covers by Aaron Levin Harder that can be now heard for the very first time on this release.

Click here and listen now to ‘Rainmaker: A Tribute To Prince’ by Aaron Levin Harder.

The new stand-alone single ‘Free Fall’ by Aaron Levin Harder featuring the virtual B-Side “Be My Parachute” is now available for streaming and download, arriving on the 3rd anniversary of it’s recording. The single includes the last takes of demos that Harder has been working on in his most productive period of producing new material in mid-2017, showcasing another different style of music he has been experimenting with, for planned future projects that eventually never came to fruition.

Click here and listen now to the new single ‘Free Fall’, and make sure to also secure your digital download here exclusively on our website.