Aaron Levin Harder – Live

Sunday / April 21, 2019 / Watt – Metzer Str.9, 10405 Berlin / 20:00 / Free entrance

ALH gives his first concert show after returning from a life-changing stay in Chile from late-2018 to early-2019, changing his stage name from “Aaron Levin Harder” and leaving the chapter of his life behind that was ruled by the blues. Set to be performed all-acoustic, ALH will present his newly written songs for the first time alongside some selected covers he recently added to his reportoire. Marking the 3rd anniversary of Prince’s passing, the evening will also feature a tribute to His Royal Purpleness, with both a performance by ALH of some of Prince’s songs, and the screening of his first motion picture ‘Purple Rain’.


  • 21:00 (approx.) | ‘Aaron Levin Harder – Live’ – Concert show (first set)
  • 21:30 (approx.) | ‘A Tribute To Prince’ – Concert show (second set)
  • 21:45 (approx.) | ‘Purple Rain’ – Movie screening