Big Shit Posse’s debut single ‘Big Sun Authority’ available now.

The debut release of the Berlin-based band Big Shit Posse titled ‘Big Sun Authority’ arrived today on all major digital platforms, and is now available for streaming. It is the first single taken from their debut album ‘The Big Sun Authority’ which is due to arrive on February 13. Big Shit Posse was founded in the summer of 2019 and played their first live shows throughout mid-2019 to late-2020 without releasing any material, their last live performance being on October 29, and now, the band’s first release is finally arriving with recordings from that particular show.

The single features, beside the title track from the album, the virtual B-Side “Unterdruck”, and presents both tracks in a special “Single Edit” to preview the compositions that are to be found on the album.

Click here to stream ‘Big Sun Authority’ now, and get a glimpse of the debut album from the newcoming powerhouse Big Shit Posse.