New album ‘Damagement’ by Big Shit Posse available now.

Almost a year after their last album ‘Religions’ arrived on digital platforms, Big Shit Posse now presents their striking full-length follow-up ‘Damagement’. The album has been recorded in the band’s proven two-track stereo technique, and features a blend of live recordings from their concert show from September 23, 2021, and a recording session that took place before the live performance. Presenting mostly all-new compositions by Aldtie Mann, the album also features some tracks from previous projects that have been entirely reimagined, all bound together and transitioning seamlessly. Big Shit Posse takes their ever evolving class-act musicianship to the next level, with their most ambitious and sonically diverse album to-date being now available on major streaming platforms.

Like the previous two albums, ‘Damagement’ is also available as an exclusive Special Edition on our digital Bandcamp store, featuring an 8-page digital booklet and complete artwork.

Click here to stream ‘Damagement’ now on digital platforms or to get your copy of the exclusive special edition on Bandcamp.