‘I Am: The Ultimate Blues Experience’ out now.

As a prelude to the upcoming releases that are to arrive this year as part of “The Aaron Levin Harder Legacy”, a special collection of previously unreleased material with snippets from upcoming releases and raw demos, as well as selections from previous releases, has been mixed to a unique mixtape and released for streaming exclusively on Audiomack. The release features excerpts from Aaron Levin Harder’s 11-minute monologue from his unfinished ‘The Blues’ album, which are here narrating through the progression of the mixtape finding Harder answering the often asked question “What is the Blues?”.

This unique release is only exclusively available for streaming on Audiomack, and with it, the complete catalogue of releases from “The Aaron Levin Harder Legacy” is also arriving on the platform.

Click here and listen now to ‘I Am: The Ultimate Blues Experience’, and also make sure to follow our new channel on Audiomack.